As the hotel industry and the travel industry is developing step by step, so is the opposition to provide maximum comfort and luxury to the guests. Hotel owners have begun giving luxury items that cause their visitors to feel like they’re at home. Most recent in this category is hotel slippers, which is a class in itself.  This gives them a feeling of solace and comfort during their stay at your hotel.

These customized shoes can be produced with a variety of materials. It can be made with simple non-woven materials to terry towel, waffle weave, and velour that spell extravagance and solace.

You can demand the maker to join EVA soles to these room slippers. This would build the credibility of your hotel.

These slippers can be made with recyclable materials, so its disposal turns out to be simple and non-risky. Sometimes, the nature of slippers changes as per the period for which the customer is going to stay in the hotel. If the visitor is staying longer, some hotels provide slippers with thicker soles.

Hotel Slippers


There are numerous sorts of Hotel slippers in the market that you can go for. The most common being:

Flip-flops: They are the most well-known. When you ask someone to give you slippers, these are the ones that they will bring you. The vast majority of flip-flops are made from rubber, but there are a few made from leather and other materials.

Slip-on: Also known as loafers, these are traditional men slippers. From their name, these units expect you to slip them on. They are generally warm, and the guests can wear them anywhere in the hotel area.

Hotel Slippers

Moccasins: While most of the moccasins are intended for outdoor use, some are designed as house slippers. The units include a soft cowhide bottom or suede. Some soles are shoe-like.

Novelty slippers: They are referred to as the funny slippers as they are made to resemble various items or animals. Some are designed to resemble computer keyboards, frogs, and elephants. Others have a serious look on them where instead of resembling an animal or item, they have logos used to identify specific products. If you have chosen to put resources into these units, you should consider getting modified slippers that have the logo of your lodging.

Step-in slippers: Also known as boots or booties, these units give all-out coverage of your foot. Some reach up to your ankle, resembling a short boot. The slippers come in different designs. Some are made of fabric, while others have a boiled wool upper, while others take after the socks. You only need to choose the right one for your guests.


A variety of materials and textures can be used for manufacturing these slippers, for example, natural cotton, velvet, terry material, non-woven fabric, etc. The decision of slippers materials additionally differs as per the climatic state of where your hotel is situated. For example, for a hot and humid climate, cotton type fabric is more preferable, whereas, for cold climates, velvet for warmth is preferred.

The inside soles of the slippers can be made out of memory padding, which can form itself as per the foot’s state, thus ensuring better fitting. If the outer soles are made skid-resistant, they would avoid slipping, so guests/visitors can walk comfortably in it.

Whenever required, request that the manufacturer give EVA wedge as extra support, which eventually gives rise to the heel. The shape and color of the slippers can vary and be selected according to the customers’ requirements. Some hotel owners also get their logo or name printed or embroidered on the slippers for crafting greater brand awareness.

Hotel Slippers

Slippers can likewise be made from disposable materials or special services such as – spa slippers, indoor slippers, beach slippers, and guest room slippers. Thus they can be customized, and the design can be done as per the requirements.


They can be made open toe or closed toe, whichever is requested by the hotel authority. Therefore, providing slippers to the hotel guests gives them a feeling of coziness and comfort – a home away from home. Check out for the softest and durable hotel slippers.


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