How an oFit-2 Pulse Oximeter works

Basically, a pulse oximeter is a tiny device that’s essentially clipped on your finger, earlobe, or toes to measure your oxygen levels in the blood. The oFit-2 pulse oximeter allows one to determine how well oxygen is being sent to the lungs and heart from the rest of the body, thereby enabling you to determine whether your heart and lung are functioning as they should. The pulse oximeter is one of the most crucial health devices, especially now, during the coronavirus pandemic. The device helps you to know when to seek medical attention, in case you find any warning signs for lung or heart conditions. Having said that, let’s get a little deeper here and find out how an oFit-2 pulse oximeter really works.

oFit-2 Pulse Oximeter

So, essentially, the pulse oximeter measures oxygen saturation in the blood, giving you a percentage of oxygen present in the blood, with 100% being the optimal level or fully saturated. This simple and non-invasive medical device is quite easy to use and can be gotten over the counter in pharmacies. But the thing is, not everybody needs it; only those with chronic or heart problems need to have it in their homes.

When using it, position the probe correctly. Whether you want to put it on your finger, toe, or earlobe, you just need to ensure that the devices fit properly. It shouldn’t be too tight or too loose, as it will have an impact on the final reading. Secondly, you need to remain still. Any movements or shivering will have influence the reading, which means you will get an incorrect result.

If you have any nail polish, you will need to remove it as it may affect the reading. Also, henna dye or finger tattoos can also affect the reading, so you will have to choose a different finger.

Reading the results from the device is pretty easy. For instance, 95% to 100% reading is a sign of good health and that there is no cause for concern. But if you have underlying conditions, you need to consult with your doctor on the reading that should be appropriate for you.


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