How to Apply Glitter Nail Polish?

The year 2018 is definitely the year of glitter. If you know a little bit about what the latest trends are and what’s up on the fashion and glamour front, you would know that this year it’s all about glitter. Yes, ladies and gentleman, you read that right. If glam and sparkle is your thing, there is no better time to be alive. With the latest trendsetters using glitter in their outfits, their makeup and in any way possible gives you the perfect excuse to sparkle during the day and shine brightly at night (queue Shine Bright like a Diamond). Whether its glitter for shoes, dresses, jackets, handbags, face or glitter for nails, it has taken over it all. Today we will be talking about one of our favorite glitter trends; the glitter nail polish.

glitter for nails

Glitter for nails is one of the hottest trends of 2018, which makes your nails look really pretty. Going to a salon and getting your glitter nails done professionally is really easy if you have the money to spend. But for those of us who are on a budget, getting our nails done professionally is out of the question. I remember that I was trying to put glitter nail polish on my nails when I was a teenager,  it never turned out the way I wanted and the whole process was really hard and drove me angry and irritated. But guess what, today we will be telling you how to put glitter for nails properly on your nails and finally put the “nightmare” to an end to by trying to make glitter nail polish look good. To find out how it is done, keep reading.

glitter for nails

Glitter for nails- guide:

To properly put glitter on your nails, follow the following steps:

  1. Wash your hand and especially fingernails properly to get rid of any particles.
  2. Apply a transparent or clear base coat and let it fully dry.
  3. Paint liquid latex or PVA glue around the edges of your nails. This makes it easier to remove any nail polish that might come in contact with the skin.
  4. Take a small sponge and dab glitter nail polish on it.
  5. Using the sponge, pat the glitter nail polish all over your nails until fully opaque. Go in with a second coat of glitter nail polish if you feel that one isn’t enough.
  6. Wait for the glitter nail polish to dry.
  7. Once it’s fully dry, go in with a top coat to seal it all in place.
  8. Peel off the liquid latex or PVA glue from the edges of your nail.glitter for nails

And you are done! It just as simple as that and it takes very little time to do. You can ask a friend or a family member to help you. Glitter nails are in vogue these days. With this simple guide, you can easily do glitter for nails at home without spending a lot of money at a nail salon.

Bonus tip: now that you know how to do glitter nails on your own, it could also be something that you can do when you have a sleepover with friends.

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