How to Have a Fresh and Natural Makeup in Summer

Admittedly, summer is great season for us to expel toxins because as soon as we have a big movement, we will sweat even though walking. But the rising temperature really is a puzzling problem for those who have a oily skin and are accustomed to make up when they go outside. The temperature is so high that it’s easy to make the makeup disappear. Just take it easy, we can make a different change before makeup.

women with makeup outdoor  women with makeup outdoor

The first step before makeup is a very simple but important action—washing our face. We can use a washbasin filled with warm water and drip down few drip of tea tree essential oil before washing by facial cleanser, which can effectively control our oily skin in summer and moisten it. So don’t ignore this simple step, which is not beneficial for your skin.

tea tree  Tea-Tree-Oil

After this, we should use the clean skin toner on our surface with a modest pat in order to absorb. Next, put the best face lotion on the face and do a gentle massage until completely absorbed by face. Remember, you’d better use the same set products of facial cleanser so as to make it work at full capacity.

tea tree lotion  tea tree skin toner

As far as I am concerned, the common makeup will in ruin if our skin is oily and keep sweating. So we need all the waterproof cosmetics. With regard to a fresh and natural makeup, being a woman with a good skin, I think you just need few cosmetics such as waterproof liquid lip gloss, mascara and eyeliner. Among these products, I consider waterproof liquid lip gloss is the most important one because people always put the first sight on your lips. All the colors of this lip gloss are so romantic and enchanting, you should be ready to have all eyes on you with it.

waterproof liquid lip gloss waterproof liquid lip gloss waterproof liquid lip gloss waterproof liquid lip gloss

Being a woman without a good skin, I don’t think you need to lose your heart. In fact, you just pay emphasis on the steps how to conceal the blemish of your face and then do the same step as we talked before.


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