How to Keep Your Hands Healthy and Beautiful?

Hand care for most people isn’t a primary concern, but did you know that the skin on your hand can become discolored or even worse to be dull with wrinkles?  There is a saying that your hand tells the world how healthy you are and how old you are so it is very important for you to take care of you hands. The simplest way of caring for your hands is to always apply lotion on them to ensure they are always moisturized. Our nails, on the contrary, are very sensitive and fragile part of our body hence need to be taken care of with utmost care. In this article, we are going to talk about the Dead skin fork or Cuticle remover fork.

 Dead skin fork These tools have the primary use of maintaining and taking care of your nail and are used to trim the cuticles of our nails. To use the Dead skin fork or Cuticle remover fork, you first have to soak your hands preferably in warm water for a few minutes to soften your nail then dry them with a hot towel.

Cuticle remover fork

You can also use cuticle remover oil. Using this oil is very simple. You just need to apply a coat of the remover around a cleaned contour of your nail. Give it 30 seconds to a minute and do not leave it for long as this can cause it to dry making it a bit difficult to the cuticle and also because of its chemical components it can damage living tissues on your hands.

 Dead skin fork This helps to soften the nails and dead skin around your nails, making it easy to cut the off. By using the rounded part of the cuticle remover fork you can push back the cuticles on the surface of your nail. It is advised you angle the tool at around 40 degrees if you can then gently slide it towards the nail base by pushing away the softened cuticles. Repeat the process of pushing or shoving back the cuticles on all you nail until all the cuticles are pushed back as desired.

 Dead skin fork

Using the sharp or pointed edge of the dead skin fork or cuticle remover fork to push down the standing cuticles at the corner of the nail helps in cutting them and removing dead skin from your nails. Again repeat this process on all your nails until you get them to your desired look. The sharply pointed part of the cuticle remover fork or dead skin fork can also be used to clean the under your nails. It is advisable you be careful as this tool is sharp and can cut the skin below the nail bed. Lastly to give your nails a polished and finished look, apply cuticle oil.


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