How to Make the Bedhead Hairstyle?

Not many girls or women have enough time to wash their hair every day, since it’s time-consuming to wash the long long hair and it’s not good for our hair to wash that too much. So, are you wondering how to show a better impression with some tricks that do with your hair? You want the look much more casual, and maybe a little messy. As a matter of fact, the hair care is totally easy to pull off. All you need is turn your hair into the bedhead hair style which looks like you just rolling out of bed. Here is the tutorial you need.

hair care

First thing you are going to do is to brush your hair, and you should make sure there is no tangle. As your hair is not so perfectly smooth, you could use the electric straighter to help you.

hair care

The root of our hair will be greasy and even look a little bit gross on the second day, and we need to got it down pat. To introduce you an affordable option, the baby powder, you will find it super useful, since the baby powder seems to work well as it could absorb the oil.

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To smooth the ends of your hair, you should get a bottle of hair serum. Most of our hair will be a little bit dry, especially the ends of the hair, and it’s also kind of important to take good care of your hair as you are making your hairstyle.

hair care

Now, here comes the most important product you need, styling powder. You could use it like the baby powder, but this one is more like a gel powder from hair styling tools. To use this one to volume your hair with your fingers, this one will be the finishing step that you have to do.

hair care hair care

Have you already got this? Go for it!


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