How to Put on the Fake Eyelashes Correctly

Recently, I love to pass my eyes over these videos on the YouTube. There are so much funny video we can see and it really make me happy in a certain degree. Yesterday, I find out one very funny and interesting video released by the Buzzfeed by chance. The theme about this hot video is guys try fake eyelashes for the first time, I guess you guys must know about what the video will show by reading its theme. By watching this video, I want to give you guys some tips on how to put on the fake eyelashes correctly.

video picture video picture video picture video picture

Step 1: use the black eyeliner pencil to draw the inner eye liner carefully. Remember, don’t let the eyelashes inside blank, which will make your eyelashes seem to be too fake. What’s more, you should look down in order to show the entire eyelid when you are ready to paste the fake eyelashes on your eyes.

draw eyeliner draw eyeliner

Step 2: use the makeup tools to cut off the black stems parts on both sides of the false eyelashes so that it will not hurt your eyes unfortunately. How long you should cut off? You should cut from the tail of the fake eyelashes according to the length of your eyes.

cut off the fake eyelashes cut off the fake eyelashes

Step 3: coated the fake eyelashes with the glue in moderation, not too much. If you can’t control perfectly, you ought to use the cotton swab to wipe the glue and then add some glue to strengthen. After being put on the eyes, you should wait for 10-15 second to make it dry.

coated with the gluecoated with the glue

Step 4: you should make them line up exactly and then put the fake eyelashes cling to your middle eyelashes first. Remember, the short part is on the front of your eyes and the long part is on the tail of eyes. Here I recommend one wonderful product-5 pairs crisscross false eyelash to you guys. It is a good piece for the makeup beginner.

put on eyelashes put on eyelashes pot on eyelashes

Have you got the skill to put on the fake eyelashes? Try to practice it.


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