How to Shave With an Electric Shaver?

Shaving is an important grooming for man. Shaving every day can show man’s attitude towards man. However, most of the men may be troubled by the problem of rashes and redness and even blackening of skin after shaving, which may have a bad influence on your handsome look. The reason for this bad situation is that you do not shave in a proper way. In order to keep you away from this situation, today I want to share some tips about how to shave with a professional electric shaver.

professional electric shaver

1.Before shaving, you should soften your hairs with a warm towel and then use a shaving cream which is specially designed for shaving with the electric shaver. Or you can use shaving cream with alcohol, because it can clean excess oil in your face so as to help the hair of your face stand up, making more convenient to shave.

2.Put your electric waterproof razor on your face and then you should begin shaving from the sideburns in the cheek , followed by the neck and the last is the the edge of lips and chip. And shaving from the opposite direction of the beards growing direction and with a circular motion if you use a rotary shaver. Remember not to press down your face and move too fast in order to avoid shearing off your skin. Besides, you’d better shave from the sensitive area of your face for the reason that after a long term working, the shaver may produce heat which can burn your skin. Otherwise, it will cause more redness on your face.

3. Cleaning your face with warm water

4. After finishing shaving, remember to clean your shaver because there may be many hairs and dead skin falling into the inner of your shaver. Only when you clean it in time can you prevent the breeding of bacteria so as to keep your face away from rashes.

Warm warning:

Do not shave from different direction

Do not shave before playing sports

Do not shave before taking a shower

Try to shave in the morning


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