How to Stylize a Wig?

Since life goes up to 100 per hour, many women do not have the opportunity to go to the hairdresser all the time. Taking care of their hair then becomes a little more delicate. Difficult situation for those who like to constantly change their hairstyle. Fortunately for you, there are wigs. But one thing is to buy one, and another is to give them the style that suits you best. So, here’s how to style your wig.

 cosmetology mannequin head

There are many types of wigs, synthetic fiber or even natural. You can buy several and change them according to your desires, but it makes-spend especially if you like to change constantly your style. So why not learn how to stylize your wigs yourself, to save time and money ?!

Choosing a good wig

All wigs are not equal, and there are all kinds and for all tastes. Remember to choose a wig that you can stylize, because some wigs are not styling. Also, be careful to choose a very good wig, heat resistant, easy to wash, and of course easy to comb. It can be easier for you to choose a wig whose style is close to the one you want.

 cosmetology mannequin head

Find the right tools

The first thing to do when styling your wig is to have the right tools. You must think about everything: scissors, combs, brushes, lacquer, and other products you will need. Be careful to choose only tools specially adapted to wigs, otherwise, you risk to damage it. A cosmetology mannequin head will be very useful to you, firstly to work the style of your wig, and secondly to keep your wig when you do not wear it, to prevent it from creasing.

luckyfine hair curler

What you can do with your wig

There are many style options you can give your wig and they should match with your personality. Start by putting your wig on your cosmetology mannequin head. You can then:

– smooth them with a straightener;

– cut them (here you have to be careful with the scissors, otherwise you have to buy another wig);

– braiding them;

– or also curl them.

luckyfine hair curler

Luckyfine hair curler, the best tool to make your curls successful If you are a fan of loops, then you will love this tool. The Luckyfine hair curler is very compact and less cumbersome than a conventional curling iron. It has a central stem made of tourmaline that perfectly loops the hair of your wig. Its low temperature is perfectly adapted to them, and you are not likely to burn yourself. You will get curly hair in just three steps:

– Isolate a lock of hair that you want to curl;

– wrap the wick in the transparent spiral of the Luckyfine hair curler and clipper your hair;

– operate the tool for a few seconds, expand the hair and admire the result

luckyfine hair curler

Some tips

– When you put on your wig, make sure it fits on your head and depending on the color of the wig and your hair you can put some on top, for a more realistic result. Also, do some touch-ups for a perfect style;

– put your wig on a cosmetology mannequin head to be able to keep it well.

– Don’t wash it too often to avoid wear.

Here we are! Now stylize your wigs will have never been easier. Do not forget to get the right tools, especially a cosmetology mannequin head and the Luckyfine hair curler, for always successful loops. Don’t wait any longer, and get it right now.



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