How to use a sponge brush

Before we get to how the sponge brush is used, how about we first understand what it is. So, a sponge brush is available in different versions. It usually looks like a sponge used to clean stuff but has holes in it. There are sponges with large holes while others just have small holes. Some are rectangular, while others are round and others oval. These sponges features an ergonomic design that comfortably fits into your hands. Now, after know it really is, how about we explore what it really does or rather, how it can be used.

How to use a sponge brush

Let me start over by saying that they work by rubbing the sponge firmly but gently on ones hair in a circular motion so as to create coils, curls and twists. The holes in the sponge plus your hand movement do create some small twists within the hair. There are some sponges that have pyramid-shaped grooves instead of holes so as to add texture and volume to your hair. Double sided sponges have grooves on one side and holes on the other. This sponge works best on slight damp hair. If you want, you can apply your favorite gel, hair cream or even water to your hair before using the sponge.

If your hair is relatively short, you will be able to achieve the desired look in five to ten minutes of rubbing your hair with a sponge brush. Note: the timeframe in which you use on your hair will depend on the length and texture of your hair. For starter locs or mini hair twist, use a twist sponge. This sponge is designed to be used on hair textures that are naturally curly, coily and kinky. And if you want to create waves, use the sponges with pyramid-shaped grooves.

Generally speaking, sponge brushes tends to work best on short hair. And if you want to know the kind of results you will get when you use sponge on long hair, try using the sponges with large holes as they tend to work better on long hair. If your hair is six to seven inches long, the sponge might not work well, but I will still encourage you to use the one with larger holes to see if you will get your desired hairstyle.

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