How to Use Makeup Brushes

Makeup brushes are a tool that should be present in any makeup bag. But, did you know that there is more than one type of makeup brush as professional makeup tools? Do not? Come with me to tell you what each one of the makeup brushes.


1. Used to smooth liquid foundation or cream from makeup storage case. It is important to have one of these to apply your makeup without leaving very marked lines. It can also be used to set the concealer under the eyes.


2. This is a large brush is perfect for applying bronzing powders and powder foundation because it distributes the makeup much more evenly.


3. It has long bristles and uniforms loose powder spread evenly. You can even use it to make up your cheeks with powder blush.


4 This small sponge, but not a brush for applying makeup serves as a. It is mainly used to soften the product once it is placed on the face. Note that you must use the tip to coat very noticeable wrinkles tiny-but when the make-up is applied – that form around the nose and lips. It can also be used for cream blush or remove excess product.


5 Contains inclined bristles that make it ideal for applying makeup on the cheeks or for use in a contouring brush.


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