How to use sponge brush

In today’s world of ladies deciding to look cool with their natural hair, a product known as the sponge brush/hair sponge has emerged, and has acted as a game changer. Also marketed as an afro sponge, curl sponge, twist hair sponge brush, and magic twist sponge, the hair sponge is a tool that’s used to achieve a number of styles, primarily on short natural hair. Someone out there may be asking, is the hair sponge right for me? Here’s all you need to know about what it is, how it’s used, and where you can buy it.

Sponge brush

What is a sponge brush?
There are several versions of the hair sponge/ sponge brush available, but regardless of the brand, it usually looks like sponge that you’d use for cleaning, but with holes. Just as some sponges come with big holes and others with small holes, some curl sponges are round, rectangular, or oval. Most hair sponges have an ergonomic design that fits comfortably in your hand.

How do I use a sponge brush?
To use a hair sponge, gently but firmly rub it against your hair in circular motions to create coils, curls, or twists. The holes in the sponge combined with the movement of your hand twists small sections of your hair, in a fraction of the time it would take to do it by hand. Sponges that have pyramid-shaped grooves instead of holes can be used to add texture and volume to natural hair. There are even double-sided sponges available that have holes on one side and grooves on the other side.
What kind of hair is suitable with a sponge brush?
A hair sponge/sponge brush is designed for naturally kinky, coily, and curly hair textures. You can also use a hair sponge for waves on short natural hair. Sponges with pyramid-shaped grooves are the best kinds of sponges to use to create curls.
A hair sponge on straight hair is not likely to produce the same results. It doesn’t hurt to try, but keep in mind that hair sponges work best on kinky/curly textures. They also generally work best on short hair; in case you were curious about the results you’d get using a hair sponge on long hair. As previously mentioned, hair sponges with large holes are designed for longer hair, but it may not work as well on your hair if it is longer than six or seven inches.
hair sponge/twist sponge works best on hair that is slightly damp. You can apply a light conditioner such as Knot today, gel, or even just water to your hair before using the hair sponge. It should take anywhere between five and ten minutes of rubbing the sponge on your hair to get the look you desire. This will vary based on the length and texture of your hair. A twist sponge can also be used to twist hair for starter locks.

Where to buy a sponge brush
You might be wondering where to purchase one of these hair sponges. They are available on online stores such as They are cheap and can be delivered to you right at your door step.

I must mention that It is possible to twist hair without a sponge; after all, people have been twisting hair for ages before anyone came up with the idea to use a hair sponge for twists. The process however, is time consuming and stressful so why not get yourself a hair sponge today.

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