In this section there are useful tools that make life easier for moms, interesting and even fun. Today, its hero – infrared non-contact thermometer different from the electronic blood pressure monitor.


In anticipation of the baby thermometer or infrared body thermometer has become for me a merry entertainment. It turned out that it is possible not only to measure a body temperature, but in general any surface, as well as air and water. So I learned how many degrees Celsius hides a cot, a sofa, tea in a glass, mirror, etc.


– Thermometer actually measures the temperature of the second. However, the results were as accurate as possible, you need to configure it before first use. You can make the first measurements of the ordinary mercury thermometer, and then infrared. If the numbers differ, instructions tell how to correct the value. But! It is important to measure both thermometers at the same point, otherwise the result will be incorrect.

– In spite of the numerous complaints on the forums, I can say that the thermometer is accurate. However, indications are stable at one point. I found out that the temperature in different parts of the healthy human body is slightly different, by 0.1-0.3 degrees. But if it is increased, the difference may be longer by 0.5 to 1 degree (by the way, the temperature is usually higher under his arm than on the forehead). To avoid confusion in a variety of values, it is better to choose for themselves some single point measurement. I have this forehead, just because it’s faster and more convenient: no need to remove clothing or raise their hands.

– Contactless Thermometer. That is, if you want to measure the temperature of the child at night, there is no danger of its wake. Needless value appears on the LCD display with backlight, again convenient – no need to turn on the lights. We have a thermometer beep, notifying the result of the willingness, but it can be easily turned off.

– From a thermometer can check the temperature of various objects, only need to change the mode «body» in the «surface». Very convenient for the measurement of air or water in the baby bath. Itself did not use, but I know that many even check the temperature of the mixtures.

– This thermometer is safe. Its working principle is based on the processing of outgoing infrared sensor from the measurement object. Inside it there is no mercury, glass or dangerous radiation. Even the batteries are hidden under a cover, which must be specially tighten with a screwdriver (included in the kit).


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