Innisfree Lipsticks, My New Lover

Innisfree lipstickInnisfree lipstick

Ok, it is time for me to do reviews for the Innisfree lipsticks I bought in previous times, which is one of Korean brand and represents by Yoona . I got to know this brand by one of my good friend who loves this brand deeply. So, after her recommendation and due to my lack of lipstick at that time, I bought two colors lipsticks on online shop at once, one is pink, another is red. I was so happy and excited when I received them. Want to know my thoughts about Innisfree lipsticks? Keep on reading!

Innisfree lipstickInnisfree lipstick

I absolutely adore Innisfree products, from the packaging to the actual quality. The lipsticks came in the simple boxed made by recycled paper, which makes me feel more eco-friendly. And most of information of the lipsticks is in Korean, but the side about main features is in English.

Innisfree lipstickInnisfree lipstick

There is another reason that I love it is waterproof. When I have a drink or dinner, I don’t need to be afraid of seeing the lipstick mark on the cup or bowl edge and more. This feature really exceeded my expect.

Innisfree lipstick

Now I take turns to use these two lipsticks, I always apply light pink color of it whatever I go to work, go travel or others. While the passionate red is my best companion when I attend various parties such as company meeting party, ball party and so on.

Innisfree lipstick

My final thought about the lipsticks is I like them very much. If you lack of them, don’t be hesitant to try them.

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