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It should come as no secret that if you want to keep your mouth and teeth in good health, then flossing every day is essential. But, urgh. Dental floss must be one of the most impractical and difficult things to use. It gets stuck in your teeth, is a bit icky to use and is just another thing to throw away.

Electric Oral Irrigator

Luckily then, that there are plenty of products on the market to help maintain great dental hygiene. Additionally, these days, most dentists will recommend that you at least consider using an electric toothbrush in favor of manual ones. Manual ones can be a bit harsh on your gums, causing damage or in worst cases, bleeding. The latest state of the art dental equipment is designed to gently clean your teeth and gums, without causing any damage to your mouth. Step forward a couple of new products on the market, the Electric Oral Irrigator and the Automatic Sonic Toothbrush.

Automatic Sonic Toothbrush

What do Oral Irrigators do you may ask? That sounds a bit scary. The Portable Electric Oral Irrigator Cordless Dental Water Jet replaces the need for old-fashioned dental tape by using a high-powered jet of water to clean between teeth. Recent reports have shown that water flossing removed 29% more plaque than dental tape and that diseases such as gingivitis can be held in check by using an Electric Oral Irrigator.

Electric Oral Irrigator

It removes debris, food and gunk from your teeth, even the hard to reach teeth right at the very back of your mouth. There’s a number of pressure settings on the Electric Oral Irrigator, so you can find the right pressure and setting for your own comfort level. It’s cordless, making it as easy to use as an electric toothbrush. The pressure settings range from low to high. Low can be used for a gentle massage which will strengthen gums and revitalize your mouth. A high-pressure setting is ideal for a deep clean and plaque removal (not necessary for every day).

Automatic Sonic Toothbrush

Also new on the market is the Automatic Sonic Toothbrush. Designs of electric toothbrushes have evolved so much that this now fits the shape of your mouth, and looks like something you would wear at night. But, the design is a bit nifty. The automatic toothbrush cleans your ALL of your teeth in just 10 seconds. That’s pretty cool. The toothbrush is waterproof and has a number of settings so you can choose the one that feels most comfortable for your teeth. Best yet, the Automatic Electric Toothbrush kills 99.9% of bacteria so your teeth will be left in the best possible health.



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