Is there Asymptomatic Transmission of the Coronavirus Disease?

Coronavirus disease has become a pandemic spreading like wild fire with many people losing their lives and others being in critical conditions. Anyone can contract the coronavirus once they come into contact with contaminated air or surfaces. Once exposed, it takes on average 2-14 days to start showing some signs and symptoms like fever, difficulty breathing and coughing. The severity varies in different people.

What does asymptomatic transmission mean?

Being asymptomatic means you have already been exposed to the infection, got the virus but still not showing any symptoms. A prior data showed that many people did not have any symptom the day they tested positive for coronavirus. Therefore, asymptomatic transmission means transmitting the virus while you still don’t have any symptom of the corona virus.

Is there asymptomatic transmission of the coronavirus disease?

Commonly, coronavirus is spread through respiratory fluids after sneezing or coughing from one person to another. There is no clear data that shows how people who show no symptoms are transmitting the virus but evidence show they can. A case study of a 20-year-old woman from Wuhan, China, who transmitted the coronavirus to five family members without her showing any physical sign, is an evidence of asymptomatic transmission. Dr. Robert Redfield, the Director to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimated the asymptomatic transmission could be around 25%. This is pretty high considering the asymptomatic carriers are walking around with no visible symptoms. They are the “silent spreaders” making it difficult to control the “stealth transmission”.

Being asymptomatic carrier doesn’t mean you are immune to the coronavirus disease. A research done by WHO in China community centers, hospitals, clinics and transportation centers concluded that 75% of people who were at first grouped as asymptomatic, went on to develop coronavirus disease symptoms . With this information, it’s clear that we should not rely on the presence of visible signs and symptoms in order to decide who has coronavirus.

We need to flatten the curve in order to heal the world. Make a personal difference by following the laid safety guideline like staying at home, maintaining social distance, practicing hand hygiene and  covering your mouth and nose wen sneezing or coughing. We have established there are cases of asymptomatic transmission and that’s why KN95 face mask are very crucial in preventing the spread. The KN95 are able to filter 95% of respiratory droplets making them ideal in the fight against coronavirus. They fit tightly covering your mouth and nose perfectly.




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