It is Miss Actually

Miss Dior perfume 2015In 1947, Christian Dior created Miss Dior, his first fragrance. At that time, what he really wanted to do is to surprise women and bring back their smiles. So, he drew inspiration and creation from his beloved sister, Catherine. From then on, Miss Dior has been known widely by us and we have witnessed a lot of stunning Dior perfume launching.

Miss Dior perfume 2015Miss Dior perfume 2015However, Miss Dior 2015 has come out the market completely, it is Miss actually was the theme of it. It illustrated that Miss Dior was a gamble, a shock that nobody expecting and a breath of freedom. “ The story of singulary beautiful and inspiring woman taking the boldest of steps toward a future wholly hers…” If you have paid attention to the film, you must would be shocked by it and fell in love with this Miss Dior. To be honest, it was this film of Miss Dior that I was planning to purchase my first perfume. What about you?
Miss Dior perfume 2015Miss Dior perfume 2015Miss Dior perfume 2015Miss Dior perfume 2015Well, it is a fragrance that is easy to love and be attracted because its floral heart makes the powerful Jasmine shine and bursts with the floral sensuality of a plump Rose. More information about Miss Dior, just keep contacting us or search for

Miss Dior perfume 2015Miss Dior perfume 2015Miss Dior perfume 2015Miss Dior perfume 2015



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