It’s All About Red Toned Eyeshadow

Recently, I have found that many girls love to wear red toned eyeshadow, like pink, and coral. And those girls I saw on the street do look unexpectedly beautiful. So, I have been looking for how to put on those eyeshadows in red tone. I bet that this red toned eyeshadow might be inspired by the makeup of Geisha, which would have a pop of red on the outer corner of the eyes. The red toned eyeshadow makes them look more delicate.

red toned eyeshadow

As we take a cue from the Geisha’s eye makeup, we have to simplify it and make it look greater, so that it fits our daily need. You could tell from the pictures that you Google that the red toned eyeshadow looks better on pale skin. If you have pale skin, I would highly recommend this trendy chic makeup for you.

red toned eyeshadow

There is no denying that I have tried it in different ways. Although it looks great on those girls, I have practice a lot, as there is a real fine line between messing up and getting it well done. At first, I find it hard to make the red toned eyeshadow looks great, because the red toned shadow makes my eyes look swelling.

red toned eyeshadow red toned eyeshadow

If you are not pretty sure about that, you could just use it on the outer corner of your eyes. Or you could use the red eyeliner above your black eyeliner, instead of using the red toned eyeshadow. As choosing the red toned eyeshadow, I would prefer the coral from eyeshadow palette, which might not as stunning as red color but would be great for daily makeup.


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