Japanese Nail Trends to Watch

As a leader in innovation, Japan is home to well-trained “nailists” whose looks frequently migrate stateside. Give your U.S. salon some Eastern flair by trying these nail art designs.

nail art designs1. Monochromatic with texture-created nail art.  Rather than being limiting, using one color can open up possibilities to add dimension. Use an on-trend color, such as 2014’s radiant orchid, to ensure the look is pleasing to the eyes. If sculptured art isn’t your forte, give this idea a try by combining matte and glossy textures.

nail art designsnail art designs

2. Oval-shaped nails. Throughout Japan, the most popular nail shape is the oval. “Oval is a feminine shapethat gives a soft image,” says Michiko Matsushita, headmaster of Ci:Z International College in Tokyo.

To create the perfect oval, first straighten the nail’s sidewalls, making sure they are even. Then file from the side of the nail toward the top, using smooth, arching motions. From there, work the angles on both sides and around the free edge to smooth the shape. Also you can add  Oval Crystal Nail Decoration to make it sharking.

nail art designsnail art designsnail art designs

3. Pastel coloring. “Pastel mint green, pastel pink, pastel purple, and ‘smoky’ pastel colors are popular,” says Lena Kasai, a Tokyo-based nail tech who is originally from Hungary. To add interest to pastel nails, try graduating the colors by fading one pastel into the next.

nail art designsnail art designs

4. Short and sweet.  Michiko Matsushita, headmaster of Ci:Z International College in Tokyo, says, “Compared to five years ago, nails seem to be getting more conservative. The lengths are getting shorter. A lot of that has to do with celebrity moms or models who are coming out with short and simple nails.”

nail art designsnail art designs

5. Readymade 3-D embellishments. Tiny embellishments, typically in shades of gold, are a hallmark of Japanese nail design. Some U.S.-based artists even stock up on these readymade embellishments, such as seashells, triangles, hoops, squares, and crosses, when traveling abroad. The embellishments are typically secured to the nail with gel.

Actually, there are various of fashionalbe nail designs, which not only  paint your nails but also is as the art to appreciate.


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