Key Steps to Get Date Makeup in a Short Time

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Going out for a date is a very happy and nice thing, but what look should you go together? For those short-tempered people aren’t likely to spend too much time on makeup even if they keep much beauty tools or products to get a entirely perfect makeup. Therefore, they can just stress her foundation makeup if they want to draw a good makeup in a short time. Let the following key steps to help you get a perfect foundation makeup as quickly as possible.

beauty toolsbeauty toolsbeauty toolsbeauty tools

Point 1: Apply concealer BB cream. After skin cleansing, refreshing and using lotion, point to the face, apply it to the whole face evenly and circularly by finger pulps or sponge from center to sides lightly, so that cream can be absorbed completely.

Concealer BB CreamConcealer BB CreamConcealer BB CreamConcealer BB CreamConcealer BB Cream

Point 2: Do remember to strengthen concealer around eyes. In this case, the professional eye concealer should be chosen. When apply, use finger pulp to point it lightly. So, it can get the best effect.

Concealer BB CreamConcealer BB Cream

Get the steps? Anyway, hopefully all of you can have a date with a perfect look.


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