Learn to Make Up a Big Brow

Last night, my little sister who was born in 2001 asked me to have a look on some photos of her primary classmate. By looking at those photos, I only realized that her classmate is so open and so mature due to her makeup. For another thing, I felt depressed for myself as I know virtually nothing about makeup. But I know it is the most important point for makeup is the brow and I have consulted my friend how to make up a big and beautiful brow. With regard to the big brow, I think it is further make up trend and you can see more and more people make up like this. So come with me together to learn.

big brow makeup big brow makeup big brow makeup

First, we should determine our proportions. The brow can definitely make or break your look. Neat and tidy eyebrows make a person look more put-together, professional, even confident while unkempt brows can make a person appear lazy and messy. So according to our face shape, we should choose the best shape for our brow. If you have no idea how to make up, you could take full advantage of DIY eyebrow shaping tool and just need to use a brow pencil to follow the shape. It’s very convenient and easy for those who are completely a novice at makeup.

DIY Eyebrow Shaping Tool DIY Eyebrow Shaping Tool brow makeup big brow makeup big brow makeup

Second, we should remove the spare brow. In this step, we ought to be careful when using an eyebrow tweezers to remove. Don’t hurt ourselves! The safety is the most important thing in our life.

brow makeup big brow makeup

big brow makeup big brow makeup

Third, we have to use a brow powder to fill the brow shape. It’s said that a brow powder will be your best friend if you’re new to build up your brows. My friend recommended me a 3 Colors Eyebrow Palette which is suitable for new one to make use of. We all can have a try on it. By the way, don’t forget to take your makeup off before you go to bed, or it will have a bad influence on your skin.

brow powder brow powder2big brow makeup big brow makeup  big brow makeup big brow makeup  big brow makeup big brow makeupbig brow makeup

big brow makeup

Hoping all we have a rapid progress in makeup!


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