Why is Leopard Print So Hot?

Leopard seems always so popular, and never meets a cold back of fashion.

Yesterday, I went to my friend’s toggery to hunt some new fashion elements for the coming fall. It was astonishing that within the short 2 hours, she had sold out four dressing, one coat and one scarf. And they were all in Leopard print. The interesting thing was that ages of the leopard print buyers widely varied, from young teenage girls, single fair lady to mid-age hot  or desperate housewives. They were so tempted by the leopard pattern clothes and scarf. Almost every customers came and firstly glanced at the them. But it also confused me a lot. Why does the leopard print become so hot these days?

3d nail art

I went back home and started to googled more about the leopard print. To my amazement that this fashion idea has been created for more than seventy years by a well-known American clothing designer Norman Norell. In October, 1943, Norman Norell firstly created a Leopard print coat Traina-Norell for Elizabeth Threatt, which was the first hit in the fashion world. And soon later, Leopard print became popular around the world. These days, it seemed even hotter than ever before for the reason of both the call of wildness, the yarns for expression freely, and a kind of nostalgia. For these mixed-up reasons, we have leopard shoes, bags, coats, skirts, scarves, etc. Designers have successfully mixed this brilliant element into their works.

According to my friend, the recent half transparent leopard print clothing becomes really popular as chiffon meets its climax in summer. I looked at the chiffon leopard print, and suddenly came to me an idea. Actually, as a kind of conservative person and fashion lover, making a leopard print nail art would be pretty cool in the fall.

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So I searched the internet for more suggestions on making a leopard print nail art. The most easy way is to apply the nail sticker with leopard print. I think this is enough for a green hand. Cheap nail stickers sometimes can bring out a glamour. However, I think that maybe far from enough. As you know, I am always the one that is restless in finding the challenging tasks.

I would try to creat a 3D nail art of leopard pattern, because I am really interested in the special sense of touching on my nails. The smooth and unevenness will make the leopard effect even much better. I prefer the blue as the base coat and apply some glitter in the spot area and later surround it with black printing. That is easy, and I really like it. I think, if I put on the leather coat and a pair of dark glasses, it shall be really cool!

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When we appreciating the beauty of the world, we are also decorating the world. The fashion life is so colorful, so changeable, so restless and so unpredictable. I would like to be her follower, an eyewitness, and to catch the most delicate changes.

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