Lilumia, the New Machine for Cleaning Makeup Brushes

Some time ago, an important event was known by every people online. Maybe you also heard about it. The rumor has it that a woman suffered from the paralysis by being infected with bacteria as she had used the makeup brush which belongs to her close friend. It’s difficult for us to find out the truth, but it gives us a warning for our health about the cleanliness of the makeup brush. It’s said by professional dermatology doctor that there are still accidents even though the risk is small. So the doctor do suggest we should clean those brushes twice a month. But if you share your brushes to others, you should clean at once. On the other hand, the brushes must be dry after cleaning.

makeup brushes makeup brushes makeup brushes

The other day someone researched and developed a special cleaning machine for a makeup brush—Lilumia. You can know its look from some picture. It’s a translucent egg shape machine which consist of a small reservoirs filled with cleanser and the space that hold 6 brushes inside. This machine can clean the dirt and germs hidden in the brush without any destructiveness.

Lilumia Lilumia


It seems very cool and very convenient for people to use. But in my opinion, not everyone should purchase this product. For those who are professional makeup artist, it is necessary to possess as they always have to share their brushes to others. By using this machine, they can save more time and reduce the harm for their face. But for common customer, it’s best to clean brushes in person as the price of this machine is a little expensive—$149.By the way, it will be launching at official website of Lilumia on August 7th, 2015. If you want to purchase it, please remember the date and the place.



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