Look Back at the Hottest Nail Trend in 2014

It seems to be too late to recall anything that happened in 2014. But for those beautiful things, surely we should relive the warm moments. Take the hottest nail designs in 2014, that’s such a charming scene that we can’t help looking back and trying them in 2015.

Matte Nail Polishnail designs

The glam of nude color
Those pinky nudes are my favorite. Wherever the occasion I need to turn up, it is my first choice without any hesitation. In particular, when I have a appointment with friends in the comfortable afternoon to spend my leisure time, I will wear it. What’s your choice?

nail designsnail designsnail designsnail designsnail designs

The glam of simply red
This noble and gorgeous is pretty suitable for the formal dress. When I apply this simply red, my daily low-key image becomes high-key and attractive in no time. You should attempt it as well.

nail designsnail designsnail designsnail designsnail designs

The glam of gray matter
There is no doubt that such matte nail polish is the winter’s favorite due to its comparatively deep color. Although its color shows your such gray feeling, it is incredibly kingly and honorable. If you don’t believe, just have a try!

Matte Nail PolishMatte Nail PolishMatte Nail PolishMatte Nail Polish


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