Magical Gua Sha Facial Massage Promise Good Skin

Ever felt a need to massage any part of your body? I bet yes. Massage is an important exercise meant to increase blood flow through stiff body parts. Facial massage has become very common these days and there are various methods of doing it. Facial Gua Sha is one of the most popular facial massage available for you. But someone who has no knowledge of it may think it will cause injuries.

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Actually, facial Gua sha is different from Traditional Gua sha. Traditional Gua sha involves repeated pressed strokes to an oiled part of the body with traditional Gua Sha tools. It is painful and some People consider it as an abuse especially when done to young children.

On the other hand, facial Gua sha is a modern facial skin treatment with Gua sha tools. The process involves rubbing or massaging the facial skin using a smooth object. The massage increases the rate of blood flow under the skin thus relaxing the skin and rejuvenating it.


gua sha tools

Advantages of Facial Gua sha massage

The massage helps in reducing the tension in facial muscles by relaxing them leading to a whole body tension release.

Gua sha facial massage is a wonderful way of removing the black circles beneath the eye bags. The black circle around the eye is actually static blood which when massaged starts to move thus leading to the disappearance of the dark circles.

gua sha tools

The massage helps in improving blood flow and circulation leading to skin rejuvenation. The consequences of skin rejuvenation are the healing of facial scars caused by acne.

The Gua sha facial massage reliefs neck problems and headache brought by stiff facial muscles. The massage relaxes these muscles making the pain in the neck and headache disappear

The massage helps in preventing facial wrinkles and lines

gua sha tools

How to do facial Gua sha massage

For a full facial massage, here are the steps:

Note that it is not advisable to stroke or sweep downwards because the aim of the massage is to prevent sagging.

With your preferred Gua Sha tools, stroke gently with least pressure the area between your eyebrows then move to the lower forehead and use your Gua Sha tool to sweep the area a number of times

Go to the eye bags and swiftly but gently stroke and sweep the area in an upward manner. Do for both eyes

For the remaining parts that are the chin, cheeks, mouth area and the neck, you need to gently sweep combined with light strokes. When stroking you shouldn’t  apply a lot of force, otherwise you will injure yourself.




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