How to Maintain a Natural Wig?

Having a natural wig is among the must-have- list in every woman’s closet. It does not only save you on those bad hair days but also complements your look when nothing seems to work. However, more often than not, it’s the lack of ideas on how to take care of such kind of wigs that prevent many people from investing in one. If you happen to be one of those, then you got nothing stopping you from looking good as this article seeks to give you all the tips you need.

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Comb gently

One thing you shouldn’t forget is the fact that naturals wigs tend to be made from delicate hair strands. Therefore, you have to handle yours with ultimate care. Avoid exerting too much pressure, when combing as it might lead to breakages and you definitely don’t want that to happen. Get a special comb for it and avoid using basic rough brushes/combs. You should also desist from combing it every day.

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Wash your wig

Since your natural wig is human hair just like your natural hair, feel free to wash it with proper treatment and maintenance. You can shampoo your hair for durability and keep the excellent feel texture.However, you should consult a cosmetologist on the appropriate time frame of wig washing. Regular washes can lead to quick wear outs. Most importantly be gentle during washing and don’t leave any snags.

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Dry your natural wig

Don’t fall into the trap of shaking your wig dry with a towel, as this can significantly affect the hair strands. Focus instead on letting each piece dry with the help of a very soft cloth and place it on a cosmetology mannequin head to let it dry naturally. Remember this takes time so you can avoid washing when in a rush. Another thing, avoid styling your natural wig when wet as this can adversely affect the design and damage the fibers.

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Condition your natural wig

This is where most people go wrong. Just because you took time to wash and dry your wig, it doesn’t mean the journey has come to an end. But instead, conditioning it should be your next step. Be sure to use a quality conditioner on your wig. After all, you spent a lot on it, so it deserves the best care in the world. The conditioner you choose is responsible for restoring the grand and elegant appearance whenever you rock your wig. However, the number of times you condition your wig heavily depends on how often you wear it. The normal range is from two to three weeks. And just like you do to your hair, rise it properly to avoid damage.


There you have it! I hope you enjoyed the read. Do try the above tips and share your thoughts.



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