How to Make French Braid Hair with Extension?

Many women prefer the French hair braid since it’s easy to put up and makes a great quick-fix when you are in a hurry. When done correctly, this hairstyle is not only practical but also cute and elegant. Additionally, you can use extensions to make your braids much longer and attractive. Below are some tips on how to pull off the French braid hair:

braiding hair extensions

  1. The first step is gently brushing your hair to smoothen out any tangles or knots. Next, gather some hair at the top of your head and subdivide them into three parts. Hold the right section using your right hand, left a part in left hand and the middle portion between your thumb and another finger of your choice.

braiding hair extensions

  1. Start your braid by crossing the right portion over the middle portion, and then repeat this move with the left section while leveling hair down as you proceed. Remember to pull the sections tightly since you don’t want your braids to loosen up and become undone.

braiding hair extensions

  1. Add braiding hair extensions. Once you’ve reached the tip of your natural hair, you can put up an extension around your neckline area. Gather a bit more hair from your head’s right side and then add it to the extension, you can then cross this larger section of hair over the central portion of the braid to continue it downwards.While undertaking this step, ensure that the hair sections you’re adding are equal in size or else the braid may end up looking lopsided.

braiding hair extensions

  1. Once you’ve reached the top of your braid, gather in all remaining hair strands and bring them to one-side finishing off with a regular three-strand braid.

braiding hair extensions

  1. Finally, secure the braid at the bottom by putting up a hair band and tying it firmly around the hair.

In conclusion, French hair braid is a convenient and easy to fix hairstyle that can even be made longer and thicker with clip-in hair extensions. Though at first making this hair may seem confusing to some people, with sufficient practice you will soon become a guru at French braiding.

braiding hair extensions

The above step-by-step guide will help you achieve an elegant look with minimal effort. It will only take you a few minutes to complete, thus making it ideal for quick fixes when you have limited time to prepare your hair for work in the morning. Moreover, it doesn’t matter what kind of hair you have since French braid hair will work with almost all of them.




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