How to Make French Manicure at Home?

Your nails enhance your beauty and that is the reason why taking care of your nails becomes of grave importance. French manicure makes your nail look even more beautiful. In this technique, the base of the nails is kept natural while the tips of the nails are painted in white. It is a very old technique of painting the nails and almost every woman loves it. If done following the proper method nails look very clean and sophisticated. French manicure makes your nails suitable for the working hours as well as for the party environment. French manicure is pairable with every kind of dress either Western or Indian. In this article, we will tell you about how to make French nails at home thus saving a lot of your money.

nail art kit


You will need a nail art kit that comprises of Nail Polish remover, cotton, lukewarm water bowl, Hydrogen peroxide, shampoo, a good hand cream, cuticle pusher, basecoat, light pink/ brown nail paint, white nail paint (opaque), cuticle oil.


First, you need to get your nails ready by removing any old nail paint with the help of any acetone-free formula. Acetone should not be used as it is capable of damaging your nails.


Take the lukewarm water in a bowl and add one teaspoon of hydrogen and shampoo to the water. When the solution is ready to dip your hands in it for 15 minutes.


After taking out your hands from the solution apply some cuticle oil and massage your nails for 10 minutes.


Now apply some good quality basecoat on your nails and let it dry.


After the basecoat has dried, base color needs to be applied. You can choose from light pink or light nude beige/ brown shade. After the application, the base color needs to be dried completely before proceeding towards the further step.


After the base color dries, the French manicure tip guide should be kept just below your nail smile line. Now, you need to paint the tips of your nails with white nail paint.


French tips need to be removed while the nail paint is still wet. This should be followed by applying the topcoat. After applying the topcoat it should be left to dry.


One thing should always be kept in mind that the nail art kit should be of good quality. You can according to your wish buy special manicure kits available in the market. Correct procedure along with the good quality nail art kit will ensure the completion of the French manicure process in a perfect way.









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