Make the Hottest Half Top Knot Hairstyle

As far as I am concerned, all the seasons are the best time for us to dress up ourselves,especially in summer and autumn. Now it is at the end of the summer and it is going to step into the world of autumn. In order to welcome the autumn, what are you going to do? For my part, I am going to change my hairstyle to greet the autumn in order to get a good start. What kind of hairstyle I want to change? Cut the hair? Or curl the hair? I do not want to cut or curl my hair, just want to make a different hairstyle.

half top knot

half top knot

half top knot

With regard to the different hairstyle-half top knot, it turns up at the music festival before. But it is not very popular among the human beings until Kate Middleton has also made this hairstyle. From then on, this kind of hairstyle become very hot in the INS that there are so many people follow the fashion trend to tie this hairstyle.

half top knot

half top knot half top knot

You think it is too strange? It is not strange but wonderful as it is suitable for all kind of hair. In recent months, the bob hairstyle and the lob hairstyle are so popular. But months went by and the hair become longer than before. In this moment, you need not to cut the hair again, just need the 10pcs candy color hair bands to tie the half top knot.

half top knot half top knot half top knot

If you pay less attention to the hair care and your hair is lacking of the nutrition, you can try this hairstyle to hide the shortcomings of your hair. Sometimes you think the fringe is too long or too greasy, you should make this hairstyle as you can do up the hair to hide them. What are you waiting for? Come and try the half top knot together!

half top knot half top knot half top knot half top knot


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