Make the Nail Shining in the Dark

There is no denying that every women love to be a beautiful and charming woman so that she can be the eye-catching center in the crowd. How to make it come true? The methods vary from person to person. Some people pay more attention to what clothes they dress up or the jewelry they put on. And still some people focus on the little place such as the nail or the hair. As the saying goes, small detail determines the success or failure. In my opinion, the nail art should be an important part to decorate ourselves in summer. But it just is my own view, not meaning that other people think as what I think.

women with nail art women with nail art women with nail artnail art

nail art

For my part, I polish not to please other people, but to please myself. So in my spare time, I will do all kinds of nail art. In this week, I find one amazing product to decorate my nail more fabulous. It is a nail fluorescent acrylic decoration to make the nail become luminous in the dark as well as the luminous nail polish. The difference is that it just is some powder, not liquid.

Nail Fluorescent Acrylic Powder Decoration Nail Fluorescent Acrylic Powder Decoration Nail Fluorescent Acrylic Powder Decoration Nail Fluorescent Acrylic Powder Decoration

nail art

With it, you can use other nail polish or UV gel to embellish first and then put it on the nail slightly. It is perfect for you to add an attractive appeal to your look. Put it in the sunshine or the lamp, it will shine in the dark. The longer the powder put in the sunshine or lamp, the longer it will glow in the dark. What’s more, you can use it in other places like the eyeshadow when you go to some parties.

nail art nail art Nail Fluorescent Acrylic Powder Decoration2 nail art

nail art

In this basis, the next product I recommend is the diamond shape nail art dryer. It is a low power consumption machine which has non-harmful substances to human body. By using it, you can supply the energy for the nail fluorescent powder and make the nail polish dry faster. so don’t hesitate to possess it at once.

Diamond Shape Nail Art Dryer Diamond Shape Nail Art Dryer

nail art nail art nail artnail art


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