Make Your Cosmetics Multifunctional

It’s said that the total costs on the whole cosmetics of a 70 years old women in Japan is about 17 million. Are you scared by this big amount of money? If changing it into the dollar, I guess it also is a large amount of money. What are your feeling after hearing about this data? My only feeling is that I have to be thrifty and hardworking in whatever undertaking you are to start on, especially the makeup. Making the cosmetics multifunctional in daily life is very necessary for all women to do. As it not only can save more money, but also reduce the rate of wasting the cosmetics and it is very convenient for you to bring outside. Here give you some tips. cosmeticscosmetics

No.1: High burnishing powder + concealer =foundation
There is no doubt that all the makeup people has the same problem that the requirement of foundation is more high, but the high burning powder and concealer have much to rest. In this moment, you do try to mix them together to create a new highlight foundation. Don’t be afraid to do that and you will surprise on its benefit.

foundation foundation foundation

No.2: Use the makeup brushes of mascara to exfoliate
The amount of mascara is not large but small, so you will run out of it quickly. When the mascara is finished up, don’t throw it. You can clean it thoroughly and use it to exfoliate the dead skin on your lip.

mascara brushes mascara brushes

No.3: Make the dry eyeliner work again
All the eyeliner even the waterproof eyeliner gel cream would harden if you ignore it for a long time even a few days, and it is very difficult for you to makeup. How to deal with it? You just need to add a few drops of eye drops inside and it works again.

waterproof eyeliner gel cream eyeliner

No.4: Can’t find the eyeliner? Use the mascara
Without the eyeliner, you can make the eyeliner brush be stained with the mascara and draw your eye. Is it very convenient for you to makeup?

mascara eyeliner eyeliner


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