Marie Dalgar’s New Air Cushion Creates Perfect Foundation for You

A new season has already come, which means that it is high time for us to change our previous skin care products and cosmetics especially the foundation. A variety of summer’s foundation are waiting for you to have a try, and Marie Dalar air cushion is worth choosing. To be frank, I didn’t seize the chance and time to use it, please allow me to repeat the words from one of my best friends in the following and see how remarkable it is.

Marie Dalgar air cushion

First, the package is very beautiful and hierarchical, surely it is very appealing and alluring when you see it. And then when you open the lid, the black powder puff is so elegant and charming that you can’t help keeping one in your arms. Second, the air cushion is good at sealing, so that it can better make sure its expiration date and sanitation. I do believe it must be the main reason why so many women have a preference for the cushion.

Marie Dalgar air cushion Marie Dalgar air cushion Marie Dalgar air cushion Marie Dalgar air cushion

Last but not least, the quality of the Marie Dalgar’s air cushion is stunning. For one thing, the powder puff is pretty fine and elastic, so that it can help to put on foundation better. For another, the air cushion is light and dewy, so it is extremely suitable to use in hot summer to create perfect and natural look for you.

Marie Dalgar air cushion Marie Dalgar air cushion Marie Dalgar air cushion


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