Mature Style Nail Patterns to Give a New Beginning of Your Career

Summer is the colorful season. Also it is the graduation season that allows senior students to get further education and pulls undergraduates into competitive social. As a fresh man in social, we should learn to adjust to new surroundings and keep in a good mood. Luckily, colorful hands and feet can enliven a bright atmosphere and make yourself exciting. Then mature style, which can help get ride of childish feeling from college. There are 8 types of nail designs in mature style, which would be full of fashionable passionate feeling in your behaviour.

Shiny Crystal Nail Decoration


Shiny Crystal Nail Decoration

 beautyShiny Crystal Nail Decoration

The first is mild smoky color, whose main hug is brown combined with orange.the mix can make your skin bright. Also it can add calm feeling to hot summer. The second is caramel color mixed brown color. The tracery is added to nails avoid the tame gradient. The third is French mixed-race. The colors arose in folds, pile up attractive hue that are full of sexy feeling.


Shiny Crystal Nail DecorationShiny Crystal Nail Decoration

The first is Princess Queen mashup style. It is the collision between pink and noble, the combination of Queen and Princess style. It is a little childish but more resolute. The second is novelettish Chinese style. Use lightly brown and orange to make red more hotter, which are the main trend in summer.


Shiny Crystal Nail DecorationShiny Crystal Nail Decoration

The first is fresh ocean style. Elegant blue, with pale Brown-Classic, cool color combination makes sense more cool. This style makes the surrounding environment clean and fresh.the second is summer elegance style. elegant blue and white are the perfect tie-in partner. Moreover, pink and dark blue match with the most popular gold gray this year.

However, nail art is the first step to make you more beautiful and sharking in the crowd. You can also add Shiny Crystal Nail Decoration to your nails as you like. Stretch your arms and legs to prepare for new beginning right now.


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