McKenzie Westmore’s Tip For Applying Foundation Flawlessly

McKenzie Westmore, now is the host of SyFy’s special effects and makeup competition Face Off, where she lends her makeup expertise to some of the best in the business. Also, she has launched her own foundation brand recently. As a makeup artist, she naturally keeps the special tip to apply foundation flawlessly. Let’s learn from her best foundation application tip whatever using liquid foundation or others.

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It is said that she prefers to use her fingertips and dot on each cheek, forehead, nose and chin, so that she can make sure to rub the foundation in gently. Then she uses the brush to glide over her eyelids and lips to act as a primer since it has grippers in it to keep her eye shadow and lipstick lasting longer. Finally she presses her fingertips over her skin to ensure the foundation application flawless.

liquid foundationliquid foundation

Grasp her tip, it is strongly believed that we will get perfect makeup in the future. So, what are you hesitating? Let’s your various discount cosmetics do you a great favor.

liquid foundationliquid foundationliquid foundation


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