Metal Nail Dotting Pen Give you Chic Design

As a woman, we always DIY nail art by ourselves at home. This can’t only design the style we like, but also help to save a large number of money because if we manicure in the nail salon every time, the expenditure is high enough. As a matter of fact, I really enjoy the whole process of DIY nails. Of course, I have already bought various nail polish, nail tools and other essentials at home for my each DIY journey.

Metal Nail Dotting Pen

Every time when I finish a new design, I will be full of the sense of achievement. How good the feeling is! In recent times, I was introduced by my friend and bought one metal nail dotting pen, which is really a good nail art tool. Last weekend, I used it to design the chic punctual style. Two different colors was embellished by many small origins. The effect was so wonderful that I couldn’t believe what I seen. Apart from the punctual design, you also can paint some flowers, butterflies and other patterns on the surface if you like. I do believe that you will be shocked by the final effect.

Metal Nail Dotting Pennail tools

If you have enough time, buy or take out your nail tool, and then DIY the chic style you like.

nail tools


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