Most Effective Ways To Curl Your Eyelashes Without An Eyelash Curler

As a make-up artist, you forget some of your essentials. Sometimes you want your lashes to look awake and eyes to be full, but you do not have the necessary equipment. What should you do? Do not panic because there are other ways you can curl your eyelashes. You could include some other things in your eyelash perm kit that will help you in curling your eyelashes and offer perfect results. Below are some of the methods you could use if you do not have your eyelash curler.

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Be very careful when using this method because it can cause harm. By using warm water place your spoon inside the warm water. Let it heat and then press the curved side of the spoon on your lashes for about 10 to 20 seconds. Before using the spoon on your lashes place it at your hand back to ensure that it is not too hot.

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Use fingertips

Make your hands warm by applying some pressure on them or rubbing your hands together. After ensuring your fingers have some warmth, close your eyes and press your eyelashes using your fingertips for a few seconds. Repeat this procedure to get useful results. Afterwards, you will notice that your lashes have curled you can add some mascara to make them more curled.


Mascara can serve different purposes. You can decide to apply two or one coat using black or clear mascara. Ensure that your mascara is wet for you to curl your eyelashes. Press your lashes using the wand for some few seconds. After the mascara has dried, you will notice that they are entwined.

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Cotton Swab

This is the best method. First; apply some coating of your mascara on your eyelashes. Using a cotton swab, press the eyelashes in an upward motion as they are wet. Do this for some few seconds till the mascara gets dry. The use of a cotton swab makes the lashes to curl faster, and the mascara is set.


Place a toothbrush in some warm water and then let it dry or use a towel to dry it. Start from the edge of your eyelid and brush your eyelashes. Ensure you are holding lashes tips to get the curls. Repeat the method to get the desired results.

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Before using the above items ensure that they are clean to avoid the spread of bacteria. Having more fruits and vegetables is also an excellent way to make your eyelashes grow. When you decide to use a spoon, toothbrush, cotton swab and your fingers finish by applying mascara for better results. You do not have to worry when you find that your eyelash perm kit does not have an eyelash curler. If you have the above items, try them out. For more eyelash care products, please check here.


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