Must Know Which Kind of Situation Your Skin is in

Now it is the end of August, so the autumn is coming soon. For the autumn, most people love it as the weather is cool, not too hot or too cold. This is why I love it so much. At the same time, I hate it very much. I think that most people also have the love-hate relationship with this cool autumn. Why did I say so? As we all known, our skin including the face and body will be very lack of water and dry at the turn of the season, especially the autumn. Your skin really is lack of water when it is characterized by itchy, dry, panned red, scaly skin. In this moment, do not replenish the nutrition of your skin blindly. The most important thing is to realize which kind of situation you are, and then you can pay attention to your best skin care according to it.

skin care dry skin

Situation 1: small wrinkles, slightly dry skin, pale skin
It is a real warning for you to notice whether your skin is dry or not when there are some small wrinkles appear on your skin. On the other hand, the weather is turning cool slowly so maybe you will moisturize the skin too much by using too many skin care products, which make the pores cannot breathe normally.

dry skin scaly skin

Situation 2: rough skin, large pores, allergic skin
When the water is in great request of the skin, your skin will automatically release the oil for itself. Thus, our pores will be enlarged and it will make you more difficult to make up. In order to hide the flaw on the face, most people will wear too much makeup, which bring a great harm for your skin and make it more fragile than before.

red skin red skin

Situation 3: T-zone release oil seriously, both the personal care products and the skin care products are difficult to be absorbed, your all skin is dry and peeling
In this moment, I can tell you cruelly that your skin may be going senile if you still not lay emphasis on it.

all dry skin skin care

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