My Firsthand Experience On Using The Xiaomi Soocas H3 Hairdryer

In our daily life, we will often use a hair dryer to dry our hair. However, you may find that your hair becomes drier and more fragile because of a bad hair dryer that you are using. I have suffered from it for many years.  Worse still, now my hair has become not so beautiful as that before. Luckily,  I have found a good hairdryer: Xiaomi Soocas H3 hair dryer. It not only can dry my hair quickly but also can provide the proper care for it.

I have used it several times. Let me show my feeling about the Xiaomi hair dryer to you.

Xiaomi Soocas H3

When I received it, it was packaged in a chic box in which there is a Xiaomi Soocas H3 hair dryer, airflow gathering mouth, user manual and a storage bag. I feel surprised at its design. It is made of silver metal and white plastic that form the perfect contrast, which promises a high-end look for it.  Coming with a high-strength PVC power cord  of1.7m length, it can allow me to connect it to the power source without worry about a lack of wire.

Xiaomi Soocas H3

When I  grasp it in my hand,  my fingers can easily touch the button to start drying and turn off it.  So it is very easy to use. What’s more, it comes with 3temperature options, including hot air for use in cold seasons, natural air for hot weather and stable wind conditions for use. I used to use natural air to dry my hair because it will not damage my hair to a certain degree but I found that I had to spend too much time drying my hair.

Xiaomi Soocas H3

But now when I am using the Xiaomi Soocas H3 air,  I can use all kinds of winds freely.  Due to its large blade and  1800W power, it can produce strong wind to dry your hair in a short time although when I  am using the natural wind. I am a girl with thick hair and it can dry my hair just in 40 minutes when I use the natural wind.

Xiaomi Soocas H3

But now I prefer to dry my hair with the hot wind because it can dry my hair more quickly without damaging my hair. The first time I used the hot wind, I thought that it would damage it. However, I found amazing that my hair was still in good condition because it has a high concentration of negative ions that keep your hair moisturized and silky.

In addition to a good hairdryer to my hair,  Xiaomi Soocas H3 hairdryer is the good hair styler for me. I enjoy using it to stylize my hair because it comes with a rotatable mouthpiece which allows me to stylize my hair. Besides, it comes with a  storage bag so I can take it when I go traveling.

Xiaomi Soocas H3

So far, I have had a good experience in using the Xiaomi Soocas H3 hairdryer. If you are finding a hairdryer without damaging hair, you can get it on the Banggood website or download the Banggood APP to get more wonderful hairdryers.



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