Nail Art Ideas With Striping Tape

The most noticeable parts of the human body include the nails, which is why they have been the subjects of various modifications over the ages to bump up the standard of beauty as we know it. As the goal is to look good, the patterns in the adjustments have grown more complex while convenient ways of application have been created.

nail art kit

Nail art takes many forms and equally varied forms of application. The technique may be dotted, sponged, taped or striped among other ways. Striping means applying two or more polishes alternatingly to form lines which form patterns. This makes having striping tape almost a requirement in your nail art kit. The striping tape requires the use of coating known as the base for the foundation and a top coat to top it all.

nail art kit

Striped art works best if the colors used are contrasting, in essence, light colors such as white or grey will be complemented by darker colors such as black or brown. For instance, the type of manicure referred to as French comes out very well if applied using this method. The glitter should be preferable of a lighter color than the other primary polish applied, and it doesn’t hurt either if the tape used is of a color that contrasts the colors used.

nail art kit

Another method that may prove appealing is the use of a light color as the template and background. This means applying the color to the whole nail first and then using the tape to add any patterns of choice. The lighter colors such as plain white or a light blue such as sky blue bring out the best patterns due to their ability to create contrast.

nail art kit

Using several colors at once can also bring out the best in your nails if used in the proper patterns, and as many as five can be applied depending on your tastes. The tape color used would not matter much for the case of multi-color patterns as more often than not this would not be an issue. The color of striping tape is mainly dependent on personal tastes and the intent of the user. The color depends on your polish color for contrast reasons. However for those who want to add patterns, then the nude striping tape is used as it creates no contrast.

nail art kit

What makes the striping tape appealing is its affordability and ease of use as they don’t require too much technique and can even be utilized as a do it yourself. It can therefore only be said that every nail art kit is incomplete without nail striping tape. For more beautiful nail striping tapes, please go to the Banggood.



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