Nail Art Tips for Valentine’s Day

The season of celebrating love is here and Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. As a woman, you need to look your best on that day as you celebrate your loved one. Do not forget about your nails. Let the art you have on them celebrate love as well. What are some cool nail arts you can try? Here we will give you some tips that you will find useful when getting your 3d nail art supplies in preparation for the big day.

3d nail art supplies

Red is great but be open to using other colors

Red is the universal color of love and on Valentines, this is the color that everyone will be wearing on their nails and clothes as well. You can decide to use this and be part of the cliché or be unique and try other colors. Some good combinations are black and white, pink and gold and blue and silver. If you choose to use red, be sure to choose a nice design that uses others colors to reduce the monotony on one color. White, gold and black are great colors to combine with the red.

3d nail art supplies


It is time to have hearts in your nail art

Not many nail tips for sale will advise you to go for hearts but in Valentine’s Day, this changes. Everyone will be telling you to do hearts and that is not without a reason. Hearts are beautiful and they are a sign of love. Celebrate love in style with hearts of different sizes on each nail. You can even use contrasting colors to come up with a unique and lovely nail art.


3d nail art supplies

Rhinestones are not just for brides

One of the most commonly used 3d nail art supplies for wedding nail art are the rhinestones. They look really glam and make the nails stand out. Well, you can try having them on this Valentine’s as you celebrate with your loved one. You can even use them to hide the border between two colors of nail polish for a clean look.

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Go all out and get creative

There are simple designs and some really intricate ones you can try. You can even create a theme with different designs on each nail all telling one story- preferably a love story. Do not be afraid to try out intricate nail tips for sale.

nail tips for sale

Ensure that your nails look great this Valentine’s Day. Get that manicure that you have always wanted with a great art on it and enjoy the day. Remember to celebrate all the love in your life.


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