Nail Art Trends For Autumn 2021

Who is ready to change the situation? We also. Fall is coming every minute and to get the trend started, we asked our favorite nail artists to splash out their predictions for the best trends for the next season, whether you’re more minimalist or want something super.

So, if you want to get started early, here are the nail art trends you need to keep an eye on.


1. Solid Jelly Nails

An elevated look in the main monochrome way is the jelly manicure, slightly translucent varnish – and a lot of it in the 90s. According to Pavloski, these should be big with deep, dark tones like cherry red or brown.


2. Abstract Designs

Another retro manicure to look out for? “Abstract designs are going to be everyone’s favorite this season,” Dixon says. According to her, its appeal lies in the fact that you can play with so many colors and patterns while having a “fun and playful design”. Don’t be afraid to experiment with textures and lines.


3. Colorful Chrome

Like jelly nails, chrome nail polish adds a sharp finish to a healthy manicure. “I see colored chrome that makes a big statement, especially this October,” said Dixon. You’ll see it in the series’ colors, but Dixon expects the green to make a very bold appearance. “Bold green is a look that can be seen throughout the room and sparkles.”


4. The Classic Color Block

Dixon sees color blocking as a big trend this fall with manicures that feature a different color on each end. “This is going to be a popular choice with fall colors,” he said, pointing to a block that combines a variety of vibrant greens, browns, and purples.


5. French Tips 2.0

The reign of French tips will continue, according to Pavloski. “This is a style that works for both short and long nails,” she says of its versatility. Iterations of the classic fall style will use contrasting colors or warmer tonal families on each top to play with style, she told Bustle. For the more adventurous, a colorful version of the design awaits.

Nail Art


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Nail Art Trends For Autumn 2021
Article Name
Nail Art Trends For Autumn 2021
The nails on your fingers is one of the features of the body that speaks volume of your personality. Having the wrong nail art can spoil your entire appearance and that is why we have put together this article. In this post, we will be revealing to you this year's Nail Art trends for Autmn.


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