What nail decoration do you want to use to create your own style fingertip?

As the proverb saying, a workman must first sharpen his tools if he is to do his work well. Which nail styles do you like best, cute, grace, personality and other styles, even though, there are various beautiful nail stickers on the market, but do you really like them, do you ever want to wear the unique design nail sticker on the world? Yes, we can DIY your own style fingertip decoration.

nail decoration

The first nail decoration tool you need is the nail polish, if you want to DIY your nails, as the basic nail polish, you should choose the bright color like the pink, because if you need other color nail polish to add on, we can best to manage it.

nail decoration

The second task is to choose prepare those nail decorations, you can get them easy, you can go to the beauty shop to purchase them, go to the wholesale shop to get them, but the internet shopping is the way I really want to recommend to you, because there are much choices for you, and the prices are good.

nail decoration

Glitter powder, rhinestone multicolor round glitter, glitter stamping and ceramic lily clear 3D Rhinestone can be found and they can do some help to beautify your nails, use your imagination to make your fingertip beautiful.


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