All You Need to Know About UV Nail Lamps!

What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you visit the salon? , some of the obvious activities are getting a hairdo, a facial, waxing and let’s not forget pampering your hands by getting manicures!

UV nail lamp

Let me brief you on one of the amazing product i.e. UV nail lamp which plays an integral part in the salon business.

The UV nail lamp has the ability to emit broad UV wavelengths which helps in the curing of gel nail polish, hitting the molecules present in the gel making them active. Although it takes more time than the LED technology it favors on all types of gel.UV nail lamp

Currently, there are two types of these lamps i.e. the LED and the traditional one. Each of these nail lamps works with different bulb types, which emits UV that helps to harden the UV curable coatings nails.

These bulbs that are used in the traditional UV lamps are known as the “Fluorescent tubes”. While the bulbs that are used in the newer LED style is known as the “Light emitting diode” or LED in short form.

UV nail lamp

The UV nail bulbs are used in emitting UVA having little or almost no UVB. Also,  it does not have any amounts of UVC.

It is very important to know that a UV nail lamp should be able to produce enough wavelengths to cure a specific formula. For if a UV nail lamp is unable to do that it will be referred as “under-curing”.

UV nail lamp

You need to expose the UV curable coating in accordance to the correct wavelengths having the right intensity in a proper frame of time since there are adverse effects related to the over-curing and under-curing of the nail products. The results of having over-curing or improper curing can lead to adverse skin reactions.

UV nail lamp

One of the reasons why it’s preferred to go for UV nail lamp is its ability to provide safe usage, having a long history of giving secure positive results to its customers considerably over 30 years.

UV nail lamp

The lamps play safe when used directly, which means it is safer when exposed to the natural sunlight. What it means is that the customer’s hands are more likely to be exposed to the UV rays while driving and therefore they find the UV nail service much more to their advantage.

In the end, UV lamp wins the limelight with its competitor LED due to its Competitive edge to cure all gel polish brands and being less costly.


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