New Year, New Nail Modelings

How fast time goes! I can’t believe that it is the year of 2015. Facing a new year, are you dressing up a completely new look for welcoming it? If you have gotten everything ready and lack of nail art designs, so take a look at several nail modelings  we recommend to you today, keep reading and do try!

nail art designsnail art designs

Modeling 1: Dramatic mixing purple manicure
When you hear the name, I firmly reckon that you must realize that this manicure is pretty suitable for the party. Yes, you are right, if you plan to attend any party in a new year, this nail look will win more scores for your dressing.

nail art designsnail art designs

Modeling 2: Simple and high-key red manicure with diamond
Undoubtedly, the most attractive part of this nail style is the silver diamond on the surface as a shine decoration which will give others gorgeous and comfortable feeling. If you don’t believe, you can see the picture in the following.

nail art designsnail art designs

Modeling 3: Absolutely cool and eye-catching sequins manicures
If you are a cool girl, how can you miss this shining modeling that is embellished by those acrylic glitter powder. In this time, you just wear a suit of unique costume, surely you will draw much attention in any occasion you show up.

acrylic glitter powderacrylic glitter powder

Modeling 4: Luxurious and low-key black silver sequins manicures
Both are the style with sequins, but this can show more your luxury image in a low-key style than modeling 3. There is no doubt that this manicure is the perfect look for those grand occasions.

acrylic glitter powderacrylic glitter powder

Do you find your favorite modeling in this article? Anyway, if possible, do try them all!



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