Nicefeel Electric Water Flosser Review

The importance of dental hygiene cannot be overemphasized. It is a topic that touches us so tenderly that this area has continued to witness some groundbreaking inventions in the recent past. One effective way of dealing with the growth of bacteria and plaque between our teeth is by use of a water flosser. Speaking of this, nothing works better than an electric water flosser and in this article, we shall discuss one product that is already setting the pace namely the Nicefeel Electric Water Flosser.


Works By Massage Therapy

The first thing to like about this electric water flosser is that it works by massage therapy. Basically, it massages your gums and in so doing, stimulates them for enhanced water circulation.

It is important to remember that due to the tenderness of our gums, we should choose a water flosser that does not irritate them. This product here works so seamlessly that you will only see its impacts when you are done.

 Electric Water Flosser

Saves Time And Produces Less Noise

Our modern fast-paced lives demand that we choose a product that works at the least expense of our time, money and effort and this product does not disappoint in that regard. It features a remarkable flow rate of 290 mL/Minute that ensures the flossing is done as soon as reasonably possible.

And while using it, you won’t have to arouse the neighbor next room as the flosser produces a paltry < 75 dB of noise. The low noise is especially beneficial for you as it means there will be less distraction and you will instead focus on operating the gadget while doing the flossing.

 Electric Water Flosser

Serves More Than Just Flossing

This water flosser serves other purposes in addition to removing all those food morsels from your teeth. It not only destroys all the bacteria in your teeth but also eliminates bad breath and generally enhances the health of your teeth.

Running at a speed of 1250 – 1700 R.P.M when in its highest setting, the flosser is able to clean all the bacteria that are deeply lodged in between your gums and teeth; while also ensuring your teeth remain fresh and healthy.

Electric Water Flosser

Small User-friendly Size

The flosser has dimensions of 10 x 180 x 90mm, just about the right measurements for any mouth sizes. You will easily use it without feeling as though there is any strange object inside your mouth.

Added to that is the fact that the product is also safe and gentle enough to be used by those with implants, periodontal bridges, crowns or any other dental implants and wearables. Its gentle nature ensures it does not dislodge these objects but instead cleans them as it flosses your gum and teeth.

Electric Water Flosser

This electric water flosser is recommended for anyone that cares about their dental hygiene. When you buy it, you also get a water reservoir, a handle as well as an English manual, among other perks. For all its benefits, we feel it is a product that’s indeed worthy of recommending.


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