Nine Bad Habits of Skin Care

It’s sure that everyone has her own methods to take care of the skin. After all, the habits vary from person to person. But do you ensure that all your habits of skin care are good for you? People always think they’re right and needn’t to follow others’ step to keep the health of skin. But the reason which leads to your wrong doing in skin care always is your thought. Believe it or not, time can prove everything. I just hope that you won’t regret in that moment. Now, you can see the nine bad habits as the follow and check whether it is used by you.

makeup habitsmakeup habitsmakeup habits

No.1 Pour the lotion into your hands
Pouring the lotion into the hands is taken for granted by most people. Why? As they think it’s more convenient for them to use and save the money to buy cotton pad. On the other hand, they consider applying lotion by using the hands directly is easier for the skin to absorb. But that’s wrong. The method is not sanitary and wasting. The cotton pad should be saturated by the right amount of lotion and used on your face gently.

makeup habitsmakeup habits makeup habits

No.2 Use a heavy touch when applying an eye cream
People think the skin range under eyes is small so they needn’t pay too much attention to it. As a matter of fact, the skin under the eyes is the most vulnerable part of our skin. If you do as that method, the wrinkle will become more and more. So we should use the AFY eye gel cream to smear on the skin around the eye with a gentle massage by using the middle finger.

makeup habitsmakeup habits makeup habits

No.3 Use a towel to dry your face
Using the towel to dry your face is also not sanitary and will increase the generation of bacteria. We should use the clean paper to dry the skin.

makeup habits  makeup habitsmakeup habits

No.4 Used to cleaning face without any cleansing products
It’s will lead to many problem on your face such as pimple, black head and so on. Thus, we use some cleansing product which is suitable for your skin.

makeup habitsmakeup habits makeup habits

No.5 Take your makeup off only by cleansing product
I must say that habit is totally wrong for your natural skin care because it won’t be clean enough and maybe leads to some facial problems. In order to without so much trouble, you should take more notice of it.

makeup habits makeup habits


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