One Sparkle Manicure Your Must Know

If you are a nail beauty lover, you shouldn’t miss the topic I discuss in the following because today I will introduce a new nail art designs to all of you. So just have a look.

nail art designs

This style originates from Mexican at first and then prevail all over the world. So I can’t wait to share with you. This manicure is really attractive and charming. Of course, it is easy to manicure. First you just need to apply a layer of white nail polish. Next, choose one accent nail on each hand and make one line down nail and one line across nail to mimic the cinnamon sticks in the eggnog. Let it dry. And then put clear sprinkle brow glitter on the surface. Make sure the lines have dried completely and finally swirl glitter onto nails. If you don’t understand the steps clearly, you can see the step-by-step diagrams.

nail polish

This style is widely named as the sparkle manicure. When I saw it at first sight, I have fell in love with it, so I was impatient to try it. Surely you shouldn’t miss it, please have a try at once!

nail polish


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