Pilaten Balck Mask: Instantly Removes Blackheads

Have you ever wondered if there is a face product that doesn’t consume your time? Probably yes. The many face accessories that promise lasting effects are quite numerous in the growing market. The time for hunting for a specific one that provides premium results can get hectic. Worry no more because we have the Pilaten black mask that offers excellent service. Immediately after using it, you will feel how this mask strengthens on your face. Also, you will notice a clear and brighter skin on the face after use.

 pilaten black mask

How To Use

The Pilaten black mask comes with simple directions on how to apply it. Wash your face with warm water, or if you prefer, to steam it’s okay. The hot water will help to open up pores. The next step is to pat dry completely to ensure this mask takes effects more effectively.

Apply a layer of pilaten mask on your entire face or the nose only. Wait for about 20-25 minutes for the solution to dry up. After time has passed, gently remove from bottom to top.

pilaten black mask

What To Expect After Peeling The Mask Off

I know most people are wondering about the benefits you get after undergoing through this short process. Here are the most common results:

Removes impurities and dulls the surface cells

The above Pilaten mask features beneficial plant extracts such as rosemary, oats, bamboo charcoal and grapefruits. These ingredients are safe to use and immediately after use they help to soften the skin to restore your youthful glow. Also, you will notice they help to draw out/remove deep-dwelling pore-clogging agents.

Deep cleansing effect

Another thing after you peel off the mask, you will experience a deep cleansing effect. Your skin feels lighter and brighter. If you compare the before and after results, you will notice some difference after the very first application.

Removes blackheads

Also, this face mask can suck off blackheads from the nose skin. After applying a generous layer that goes a long way, let it dry and then peel it off. And you will notice blackheads on the underpart of the mask. The blackheads on your nose are no longer an issue because this mask is strong and effective. For people who are hesitant about pain during peeling, it is normal because of the small hairs on our skin.

Eliminates dirt and pore blockages

Thanks to a 20-25 minute process, all the dirt, and blockages are no more. Furthermore, you get a skin that looks good which boosts your self-confidence.

pilaten black mask

To conclude, you don’t have to buy expensive products to get a face makeover. We understand there are face care accessories that promise a lasting effect. With the above face mask, not only is it fast but also affordable. It only takes less than half an hour for you to realize the benefits. Get one today at Banggood to experience a cleansing product that lives your face brighter and looking gorgeous.


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