PILATEN Blackhead Suction Mask Review

Having blackheads is so irritating and embarrassing for most people especially when they are on so clear areas like face and neck. Blackheads are defined as the protrusions appears on one’s skin due to hair follicles get clogged due to various reasons like using too much make-up or cosmetics, building up Propionibacterium acne bacteria on the skin, sweating in dusty weathers, etc. These protrusions look black in color, so they are called blackheads.

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Ways for Getting Rid of Blackheads

There are different ways to get rid of blackheads like using salicylic acid in cleansing, using alpha and beta hydroxy acids in exfoliation, using skin brush and doing exfoliation, etc. but the most effective and fast way of getting rid of blackheads is to use suction black mask because it works basically on peeling off the blackheads from their roots resulting in so clear skin. But most the people think it will hurt their skin because they do not use it in a right way. Today we will share a blackhead suction mask and meanwhile tell you how to use it effectively without damaging your skin

suction black mask

PILATEN Blackhead Suction Mask

PILATEN® for skin care products developed a suction black mask which can be used for both females and males (unisex), one of the most important things about PILATEN blackhead suction mask is that it fits all types of skins (oily – dry – sensitive – normal – combination), it’s also used for deep cleaning and whitening.

PILATEN blackhead suction mask is composed mainly of water, the daily dye, the diazonium, glycol, polyvinyl alcohol, glycerol, propylene glycol, the imidazolidinyl urea, iodopropynyl butyl carbamate, and flavor.


suction black mask

How to Use PILATEN Blackhead Suction Mask?

The steps of using PILATEN blackhead  suction black mask are summarized as follows:

  1. Wash your face well with soap and warm water to make the pores get opened.


  1. Use the PILATEN blackhead liquid and apply it to your face focusing on the areas where blackheads do exist. (typically, the T-zone which is the chin, nose, and forehead.)


  1. Wait until the liquid hardens on your face, it typically takes about 20-30 minutes depending on how thick the mask is.


  1. When it’s completely hard, gently peel the PILATEN blackhead suction mask off, as the peeling off causes cleansing and getting the blackheads out of the skin with their roots so you might feel slight pain while peeling it off so don’t worry. (As you finish peeling the PILATEN blackhead suction mask off, you can figure out the stiction of the blackhead in the mask, so instantaneous and clear results are obtained)


  1. You can use an ice roller to cool down your face.


  1. Wash your face with tepid or warm water and dry it well with a clean towel.


As per individual differences, you choose the quantity and number of times doing the mask based on your need, but it’s suggested not to be used for more than two times per a week.










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