Polishing Nails Step by Step

Having a manicure at home is very simple because it consists of only a few steps. With the right elements, the manicure could be easily solved. After removing the nail polish or cream residue, wash hands, cutting nails (with scissors or pliers), shaping them with lime (first with coarse and then move on to fine-grained to define edges) and remove cuticles are the first steps. And there are a few things you need.


Manicure Pedicure Tool Dead Skin Cuticle Remover Nail Clipper Scissors Cutter Stainless Steel

This cuticle remover is suitable for pedicure and manicure. As most of you need, this one is also suitable for professional salon or home use. Sharp curved cutter head, suitable for trimming nail groove, thick nails and so on. Great for trimming thick nails, hard nails, corn, etc.

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Professional Nail Cutter

Professional Nail Cutter File Thick Toe Pedicure Manicure Tools

This one has not only a cuticle remover but also a file.

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Tungsten Carbide Grinding Heads

12pcs Electric Gold Aluminium Grinding Polishing Machine Manicure Pedicure Heads Nail Drill Bits Set

Polish your nails with the professional nail machine. Electrically powered or batteries and as a result they accelerate the work. Thicker tips serve to model and are softer polishing and buffing.

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